• What to Do When You Have a Migraine

    What to Do When You Have a Migraine

    A migraine is viewed by many as just a severe headache, but there are many differences. Migraine symptoms include light sensitivity, throbbing pain (often focused on one side of the head), nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to sound. The pain from a migraine can last for an extended period that is hard to predict. Symptoms of Migraines Some people g [...]

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  • All About Ankle Sprain Treatment

    All About Ankle Sprain Treatment

    Have you managed to twist your ankle? Experiencing swelling, tenderness or bruising? You may have an ankle sprain which occurs when there is an injury to the ligaments in and around your ankle. When you accidentally twist your ankle or turn it awkwardly, it can stretch and tear the ligaments which hold your ankle together. Symptoms of an Ankle Spra [...]

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  • Modernizing Emergency Care

    Modernizing Emergency Care

    New medical technology has revolutionized how healthcare professionals communicate, process information and work with patients and each other. This is most apparent in emergency care. EMS technologies such as digital communication tools allow physicians and nurses to uncover symptoms, track data and administer necessary treatments in real time. The [...]

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  • Is Sitting Bad for Your Health?

    Is Sitting Bad for Your Health?

    When you look for tips on how to improve your health, one nugget of wisdom that always pops up is to stay active. But, did you know that staying still—specifically, sitting—can actually be bad for your health? Health Risks of Sitting According to the Mayo Clinic, research has shown that excessive sitting is linked to a number of health concer [...]

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  • Is a Nosebleed a Serious Condition?

    Is a Nosebleed a Serious Condition?

    The nose is prone to bleeding because it contains many small blood vessels. These arterioles help warm and moisturize the air you inhale. Since these vessels are near the surface, they are easy to injure. Are Frequent Nosebleeds Dangerous? Sometimes, nosebleeds originate from the larger vessels in the rear of the nose. This can be a serious health [...]

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