• Stay Safe This School Year

    Stay Safe This School Year

    It may seem like summer only just begun, but we are quickly counting down the days until the next school year. As parents, our children’s safety is our top concern, so what can we do to help ensure our children are safe all year long? Angleton ER has four simple tips for helping keep your child safe all through the school year. Review school poli [...]

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  • Healthy Diet, Healthy Body

    Healthy Diet, Healthy Body

    If you are wondering how to improve your health, start with good nutrition. Keep a balanced diet of fiber-filled fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and lean proteins. Healthy eating habits will keep you fuller, longer by taking in fewer calories. Tips for Improving Your Health Improve your health by practicing healthy eating habits. One of the ben [...]

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  • Importance of Digital Imaging

    Importance of Digital Imaging

    At Angleton Emergency Room we are dedicated to providing convenient, quality and efficient care, for this reason, we use digital imaging for diagnosing our patient’s condition. We know that in an emergency patients want quick answers and with digital imaging, we can provide those answers even quicker. Some of the benefits of digital imaging may i [...]

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  • Stay Hydrated this Summer

    Stay Hydrated this Summer

    More and more people are heading outside as the temperature rises, whether to go to the pool, play sports, attend summer camps, or just enjoy the sunshine. Unfortunately, many are not aware of the increased risks that the heightened temperatures can bring. Dehydration is only one of the issues that people can face in the summertime, and no one shou [...]

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  • Getting Ready for the Texas Heat

    Getting Ready for the Texas Heat

    Summer is here, and that means high temperatures and hot sun. It’s great to take advantage of the weather while you can, but it’s also important to be aware of the dangers. Overheating can lead to symptoms of heat stroke, heat exhaustion, sunstroke, or dehydration, all of which are serious medical conditions that require immediate treatment. Aw [...]

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