• Intercostal Muscle Strain

    Intercostal Muscle Strain

    Intercostal muscle strains don’t usually occur during normal activity. Instead, they are caused by weakened muscles, overexertion, direct trauma such as a fall or car accident, or a blow such as a touch sport like hockey, or repetitive torso twists.  Learn the symptoms and how to manage this common issue by reading on. What is an Inte [...]

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  • 5 Reasons Why Exercise is Important

    5 Reasons Why Exercise is Important

    Everyone is aware of the importance of exercise, but do you know why exercise is important? Exercise benefits many different areas of your body and your life. Here are 5 good reasons why you should make exercise a regular part of your routine. Why is exercise important 5 Reasons? 1. Weight Control One of the most common benefits of exerci [...]

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  • How to Tell if You Have a Skin Infection – Angleton ER

    How to Tell if You Have a Skin Infection – Angleton ER

    If you have any break, anywhere on your skin, it does not matter how tiny; it becomes a lure for any bacteria to enter your body. The body’s immune system does a good job most of the time in getting rid of the little buggers, but sometimes when the bacteria’s numbers and their strength is strong, nothing will do but allow an infection to devel [...]

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  • 6 Heart-Healthy Holiday Foods

    6 Heart-Healthy Holiday Foods

    With so many holidays over and new years’ around the corner you must have gorged on some very tasty and unhealthy food. Holidays are a time for friends, family, and fun. But with so much to celebrate and so many things to do, you may find yourself making unhealthy choices. Overindulging at meals, skipping physical activity, and letting stress get [...]

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  • How are lumbar puncture headaches prevented and treated

    How are lumbar puncture headaches prevented and treated

    There seems to be about thirty percent of patients who have lumbar punctures that experience a headache afterward. Lumbar punctures are also known as spinal taps which is a procedure where a small needle is inserted in the membrane next to the spinal cord in your lower back so cerebrospinal fluid can be drawn out. When a headache develops, it is us [...]

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