Physical Therapy Awareness

Physical Therapy Awareness

What is Physical Therapy?

When someone is injured, most people have no idea what to expect. Some think they can jump right back into all their activities and hobbies they have always done and not worry about getting hurt again or injure themselves more. If someone has surgery, a broken bone or bones, or some severe musculature damage, the doctor will usually prescribe physical therapy.

Physical Therapy can help you get back to the activities you love and to your optimal health.

Physical Therapy, or PT for short, is the physical exercises and treatment that will help the patient recover from severe physical conditions and injuries. It might last a week or two after a cast is removed or for some people, the recovery from serious accidents or surgery may last for months or even years. Some patients require PT for most of their lives to help them combat chronic disorders like Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and any other condition that can affect one’s mobility.

Physical therapists are licensed healthcare professionals that work with doctors and their patients in diagnosing and treating the physical limitations that a PT can aid. The PT can help a patient by giving them compassionate, comprehensive care that can assist them in recovering from conditions and injuries, preventing future injuries, and handling the long-lasting effects of some of the neurological disabilities.

How do I know if I need PT?

Usually, a physical therapy patient will know when they need PT. If their movement is impaired after a severe illness or an injury, then you will need PT to regain your mobility.

If you have a long-term disorder or chronic illness that affects your movement and flexibility, then you should want to check out physical therapy options.

Some people, have a harder time defining if they need PT. If your child has broken their arm playing and is as energetic as they were always when they get out of their cast, do they need to have PT? If you have been on bedrest for some medical condition for several weeks and when you get well, do you think you need physical therapy?

For each scenario, PT might be the wise choice for you. It can help patients build muscle mass in their atrophied limbs, regain the flexibility of their damaged joints, and help their bodies heal more healthily after some surgery or physical trauma. If you are feeling limited with your mobility as a result of a medical condition or some injury, then talk to your doctor about whether he thinks PT would be a good idea for you.

Where can I go for PT?

A physical therapist can be found everywhere; many are connected with doctor’s offices or a hospital. Consult with your doctor about the type of PT you need and where you can find the reliable therapist you need. If you or a loved one needs physical therapy, here at Angleton Emergency Room, we can provide you with that service. We welcome you to come by so we can show you what we have to offer.