The Benefits of Cinnamon for Your Sinus Health

The Benefits of Cinnamon for Your Sinus Health

Cinnamon is not only delicious, but it has a number of health benefits that are worth paying attention to. Cinnamon is proven to be anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, as well as anti-inflammatory. This has some obvious benefits when it comes to not only your sinus health but your overall health.

Trade in sugar as a flavor enhancer and get yourself some cinnamon. Not only will it spice up your drinks such as tea and coffee, but it might just help you fight off infections and bad breath as well. That’s right! Add a little bit of cinnamon to your coffee and mask that bad coffee breath tomorrow morning!

Anti-Fungal Properties

Researchers have witnessed cinnamon’s unique ability to fight fungal infections in the respiratory tract, especially with the fungal infection Thrush. Thrush generally spreads to the tongue and throat and can be combated with some cinnamon tea! Simply gargle a bit of cinnamon tea, holding it in the back of your throat and then swallowing.

An important aspect of cinnamon’s anti-fungal properties is that it can be used to fight fungal growths that have become resistant to certain medicines.

Antibacterial and Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Cinnamon’s natural oil, primarily cinnamaldehyde, have been shown to fight bacteria including Salmonella and listeria. It is not exactly clear if it can be applied as an all-purpose antibacterial fighter, but the evidence against these two strains of bacteria is enough to suggest that adding a little cinnamon to your daily diet is worthwhile.

The antioxidants in cinnamon have also been shown to have drastic anti-inflammatory properties. You might think that this sounds a little less important than fighting fungus and bacteria, but you’d be surprised how important it is to keep down inflammation in your body. All chronic sinusitis is caused by inflammation. Cinnamon can, therefore, be used to combat sinus disease, as well as a slew of other inflammation-related diseases like diabetes.