Avoid the Flu this Cold & Flu Season

Avoid the Flu this Cold & Flu Season

Getting the flu or cold isn’t just uncomfortable and irritating; it can be much more. If you are a hardworking parent, you have a job that you can’t afford to lose, or there is some important event or meeting that you just can’t miss, then it’s even more important for you to be able to avoid getting the flu. We compiled a small list of tips that will help you avoid getting the flu or a cold this flu season.

What You Can Do

It’s not just bad fortune if you get sick; you really can avoid the flu. There are practical steps you can take if avoiding sickness is something really important to you.

Wash your hands a lot. This is one of the most important tips we can give you. If you are worried that you came into contact with a sick person, or you opened a door that a sick person might have opened, or you touched a countertop where there might be bacteria, then you are right. Basically, everything you touch outside of your home has been touched by other people who may be carrying the flu or a cold. The majority of harmful bacteria that ends up inside your body was transferred there by means of your hands. If you avoid touching your face and you wash your hands often, then you are significantly less likely to contract the flu.

Get a flu shot. We know that the flu shot is not a sure-fire way to avoid getting the flu, but getting it immunizes you to the most common strains of the flu that year. This is a huge defense against contracting and spreading the flu.

Keep your body healthy in other ways.  Your immune system varies greatly in strength compared to other people who live different lifestyles. If you constantly get 8 hours of sleep, drink lots of water, have a healthy diet, and get regular exercise, then your immune system will likely be able to fight off harmful bacteria even if it does enter your body.