Stay Safe This School Year

Stay Safe This School Year

It may seem like summer only just begun, but we are quickly counting down the days until the next school year. As parents, our children’s safety is our top concern, so what can we do to help ensure our children are safe all year long? Angleton ER has four simple tips for helping keep your child safe all through the school year.

Review school policies/rules. Before the first day of school, make sure you review your school’s handbook. This is common supplied information on school policies, dress code, visitor policies and emergency protocols. Make sure you and your child understand what to do during an emergency at school, the dress code and any other school policies they need to be following.

Travel safely to school. Whether your child walks, rides a bike, takes the bus or is driven to school, making sure they understand safety is of utmost importance. Be sure to discuss how to cross the road safely, how to navigate to school and wear any safety equipment. Traveling in groups is always recommended over your child traveling by themselves and having an adult to help with the travel would be best. Always make sure your children understand the dangers of talking to strangers.

Keep your child’s records updated. When our children first start school, it seems like there is an endless pile of paperwork to complete, but as the years go on we often forget to update these records. Making sure any health conditions and/or new allergies, emergency contacts and contact information is up-to-date is of utmost importance.

Utilize technology. Most children these days don’t need new “technology,” but some of it can help parents keep them safe. If your child is using a computer or mobile device, using parental controls is always advised. Make sure you can see what activity is going on as well to help ensure they are on websites they belong on. If they have a mobile device, Parental GPS applications exist so that you can always know where your child is. Other gadgets are also sold to help track the whereabouts of your child.