A Guide to Four Essential Services by Pediatric

A Guide to Four Essential Services by Pediatric

Doctors are there to help your children get better when they fall ill, but that’s not all they do. Pediatric services are also provided by clinics to support your child’s healthy development, helping to prevent issues from developing in the first place. A variety of exams and other services are there to aid you in raising a healthy child.

Newborn exams

Care of a child begins as soon as they’re born. A vital part of this care is newborn exams, which start at the hospital directly following the delivery. They will continue regularly for the first year of the baby’s life. These exams are meant to aid parents in the monitoring of their new baby regarding areas such as feeding, sleep, and breathing. Physicians will also provide advice on the schedule for recommended immunizations.

Well-Child exams

Once the newborn exams are complete, they will be followed by well-child exams. These exams continue to monitor the general growth and health of the child, including diet and behavior. Well-child exams are an excellent place to voice any questions or concerns parents might have about their children’s development.

Sick child visits

Unfortunately, as well as you try to protect your children from illness, you can’t shield them from everything – especially once your child starts school. Children are excellent at picking up germs, bacteria, and viruses. When they’re young, they’re more prone to picking up mild illnesses such as colds, coughs, and ear infections. Fortunately, these conditions are fairly treatable at home, and the child’s immune system will get stronger. If they do not recover from home treatment, a visit to the clinic is probably needed. Pediatricians will be able to check on how serious the child’s condition is and prescribe the necessary remedies.

ADHD management

It’s only to be expected for a child to have a high level of energy and want to run and play from dawn till dusk. It’s even normal (though undesirable) for children to throw the occasional tantrum or to “act out.” However, children who appear to always be restless without being able to calm themselves or have trouble focusing may need the help of a professional for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This condition can be incredibly disruptive if it’s untreated, but diet, medicine, and changes in routines can be very effective solutions.

School and sports physicals

Children who play sports need an additional check-up: the sports physical. Some are even required to take a school physical. These tests are used to tell parents whether or not their child is healthy enough to participate.