Get Ready for Cold and Flu Season

Get Ready for Cold and Flu Season

Every single year the cold and flu season visits us, whether we like it or not. Although there is no way to completely remove all the risks of getting the flu or a cold, there are many preventative measures you can take to try to avoid it and make sure you get through it comfortably in the event it happens.

Get Vaccinated.

One of the most important steps for flu season is a yearly flu vaccination. It is typically available by October and can help protect you and your family against the most common flu strains. Did you know people can spread the flu a day before they even have symptoms? It spreads much differently than the common cold and is extremely contagious.

Wash Your Hands.

Properly washing your hands should always be a high priority, but during cold and flu season it is a must! It is one of the most effective ways to prevent a cold or the flu and is extremely easy. You should even be practicing with your children. For a good time-frame of how long you should be washing, try singing Happy Birthday twice. We recommend disposable towels for drying so that you can also turn off the faucet after, avoiding potential germs.

Stock Up.

Everyone knows how dreadful the store can be when you aren’t feeling well. To avoid this problem, make sure you stock up on cold and flu season essentials before it ever arrives! Take a look through your medicine cabinet and dispose of any expired medications, make a list and replace them. Another handy item is a thermometer. Humidifiers can also come in handy during the season.

Make sure you also have the basic items: tissues, antibacterial soap, and even hand sanitizer. Food and fluids are also highly important; think about things that are healthy yet easy to prepare. Water is most recommended for hydration, but teas and even Gatorade can also help.

Don’t find yourself in a rut this cold and flu season; with our simple tips, you will be fully prepared if you don’t make it through the season without getting sick.