Expanding the Lab Testing Services of Physician Practices

Expanding the Lab Testing Services of Physician Practices

Many physicians and clinics are evaluating the possibilities of extending their in-office diagnostic laboratory testing services. This is by no means an easy task and takes careful consideration. Lab solutions for physician practices are needed to better the service of our patients. We will see what this can mean for you as a patient.

Chronic disease and population health management drive change in test philosophy. An extent of CLIA-waived diagnostic lab tests is common in most physician clinics. An increase in chronic disease rates leaves many of your physicians wondering if they need to expand moderately complex laboratory testing. These tests allow our physicians to properly assess our patients here at Angleton ER.

What are the key factors to consider to select the right lab equipment? Does the lab testing equipment:

  • Supply suitable test menus?
  • Supply proper cost per test and time to test?
  • Fit within the available space?
  • Have the proper and approved environmental infrastructure to support it?
  • Require little or no maintenance?
  • Carry a minimum one-year warranty?
  • Require few additional supplies?

Primary staffing needs for offering moderately complex diagnostic lab tests is vital. CLIA requires personnel who perform the following roles: lab director that is responsible for all testing operations, a lab technician who is trained to run equipment, and lab technician consultant who ensures the accuracy of equipment and standard protocol. Ensuring proper staffing means better and faster care for our patients like you.

What Does Expansion Mean for You?

Our clinic’s purpose is to serve the community and help families in times of need. Expansion is what will allow our practice the opportunity to properly fulfill its necessary purposes. The main goal of expanding lab capabilities is doing everything to keep our patients like you healthy and happy.