Benefits of Freestanding Emergency Room

Benefits of Freestanding Emergency Room

Freestanding emergency  room or departments—emergency departments that are not attached or connected to a hospital—have grown in popularity over the past few years, and for good reason.

Since their surface in the 1970s, freestanding emergency rooms have easily provided people with immediate care when they need it the most due to their often convenient locations near communities and neighbourhoods. But that’s not where these advantages to stop; here are some of the benefits of freestanding emergency rooms:

24/7 Convenient Access to Emergency Care

Most, if not all, freestanding emergency rooms are typically open 24/7 or at least have extended operational hours, similarly to a hospital-based emergency department.

Like mentioned before, many freestanding emergency rooms are located conveniently near towns so that you have better access to emergency care; if a freestanding ER is also open 24/7, then that means that you can have access to emergency care, including emergency physicians, nurses, lab and radiology technicians, as well as testing and advanced imaging—any time you need it.

In addition, receiving emergency care closer to home means that if you are more likely to be discharged home, and not forced to stay overnight unnecessarily. In fact, did you know that nearly 75-85% of patients are discharged home from a freestanding ER?

With freestanding ERs, there are very few instances in which patients need to be admitted to a hospital. In special cases in which a patient will need hospital admission for their condition, freestanding ERs will often help send you to the right hospital fit for your needs, not just a hospital that’s nearby.

Quality Care that Matches Hospitals

Contrary to popular belief, freestanding emergency rooms actually have the right state-of-the-art equipment that allows them to achieve the same level of quality care that hospital emergency departments offer, even for the most serious of ailments and conditions, such as heart attacks and stroke. It’s for this reason that many patients never hesitate to visit a freestanding ER in the midst of a medical emergency.

If you ever find yourself in a medical emergency, never hesitate to stop by our Angleton ER facility for all of your immediate care needs!

Advantages of a Freestanding ER:

1. No wait time

Emergencies don’t wait and neither should you. Freestanding ERs eliminates the chaos of waiting in a crowd. A physician will be instantly informed of your requirements. 

2. More face-to-face time with the doctor

The most important profits of going to a freestanding ER is a low time waiting and more time spent interacting with the doctor. 

3. Certified physicians at Service

A freestanding ER & Urgent Care, you have direct access to a board-certified physician with high experience in handling emergency conditions.

4. On-site Imaging Equipment and Labs

Our fast-result labs are arranged on-site to assist in proper diagnosis and treatment. Fast result labs help in understanding problems and assist in treatment.