Notice To All Patients:

  • Angelton Emergency Room is a Freestanding Emergency Care Facility.
  • By Texas state law your health insurance company is required to  network benefit levels.
  • The facility charges rates comparable room and may charge a facility fee.
  • Either the facility or a physician providing services at the network with the patient’s health
  • A physician(s) providing care at the separately from the facility.
  • Angleton ER is out of benefit plans.

Disclaimer to All Patients:

The CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) does not yet recognize Freestanding Emergency Centers which is why Angleton Emergency Room cannot currently accept the following medical insurances: Medicaid, Medicare, and Tricare.

Texas Senate Bill 2425

Senate Bill 425, passed by the Texas Legislature during the 84th Regular Session, requires all FECs to post notice of the following:

  • This is a Freestanding Emergency Medical Care Facility
  • This facility charges rates comparable to a hospital Emergency Room and may charge a facility fee
  • A physician providing medical care at this facility may bill separately from the facility for the medical care provided to you

Texas House Bill 13276

  • The facility is not a participating provider in any health benefit plan provider network.

Our goal is to help all patients who come through our doors. Our patients never have surprise billing. Ever. We’ll file with the insurance companies on your behalf. We are, first and foremost, patient advocates.

Emergency Services Facility Fees:

  • Fees range from $500 to $3600 depending upon the level of care necessary to properly treat your condition or illness
  • Median Fee is $1750
    • Level I $500
    • Level II $900
    • Level III $1500
    • Level IV $2500
    • Level V $3600

In the event your care requires intensive treated and observation, Angleton ER will bill your insurance carrier for an observation fee.

  • Observation Fees are billed $1750 per hour
  • Median Fee is $1750 per hour
  • This is the only level of care charged when an observation is necessary to properly care for your condition or illness

Program for Uninsured Patients:

Evaluation Points
ME Evaluation 1
IM (non- narcotics) 1
Blood Glucose test 1
Influenza test 1
Rapid Strep 1
Splint 1
Xray (each body part) 2
Neb Treatments 2
Labs 2
IV Interventions: Narcotics, IVF, ABX, Etc. 4
Physician Procedure (minor) 2
Physician Procedure (major) 4
IM Narcotics 4
CT/US: each body part 5
Conscious Sedation 10
Critical Care 4
Send Out Labs 4
COVID (Antigen/Antibody) 1
COVID (BioFire PCR) 3
Prompt Payment Points
Level 1 – $175 0-2
Level 2 – $300 3-4
Level 3 – $500 5-7
Level 4 – $750 8-10
Level 5 – $1000 11-12
Level 6 – $1300 13-14
Level 7 – $1600 15-16
Level 8 – $1850 ≥17

OUR PROMISE: At no time will our charges to you exceed what you would ever pay had you chosen to go to hospital ER. In fact, our fees and patient charges are regularly less than what hospitals charge.

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