Importance of Digital Imaging

At Angleton Emergency Room we are dedicated to providing convenient, quality and efficient care, for this reason, we use digital imaging for diagnosing our patient’s condition. We know that in an emergency patients want quick answers and with digital imaging, we can provide those answers even quicker. Some of the benefits of digital imaging may include:

  • Less Radiation – A lot of patients have questions regarding radiation and diagnostic imaging, when using digital radiography, we can lower the dose needed. The digital image receptors are more sensitive to low levels of radiation when compared to film.
  • Quicker Answers – Using digital imaging allows us to get images almost instantaneously, in comparison to the 10-20 minutes it takes to setup and process film imaging. This will allow Doctors to review your diagnostic imaging faster than it would take with traditional radiography methods.
  • Better Images – Digital Imaging also provides a higher resolution image than film radiography, allowing the image to be magnified or manipulated after processing. This can allow Doctors to get a better look at anatomical features they might not see on traditional film.
  • Portability – Using digital imaging for radiography allows the images to be stored and shared more easily, whether it be via the cloud or a CD. This can allow transfer to a primary care manager, or another physician extremely fast and easy.
  • Archivability – Digital Imaging also allows historical data to be stored easier. Whether you need records immediately or to hang on to for future Doctor appointments, digital imaging allows for easier archiving of your medical history.

At Angleton Emergency Room, we try to ensure every patient has a compassionate, convenient and quality visit. We are dedicated to using the latest technology for our patients, such as Digital Imaging. The use of this technology allows us to provide a quicker, better experience for each and every one of our patients.